East Coast Audio Visual, LLC was started by Eric Harris, a 25 year plus veteran in the industry.  It is based in Atlanta, GA, but just as the name suggest, East Coast Audio Visual executes productions all over the country, particularly on the East Coast.  Shows range from as far south as Miami Beach all the way to Chicago, and then back over to Dallas, TX.  There are many audiovisual production companies in the market place, but East Coast Audio Visual prides itself on the spirit of innovation that it operates in.  It’s not just about putting out a few microphones and projectors for your event, but rather about how we can take the vision and dreams in your mind and make them come alive during your presentation.  It’s about how can we deliver you a great product and save you time and money as we do it.  It’s about taking things that most say cannot be done and figuring out how to get it in done in a manner that would make you and East Coast Audio Visual proud.  Stay tuned to East Coast Audio Visual, LLC and learn what new ideas and concepts are on the horizon.Type your paragraph here.